Design Build:

Turnkey Interiors Inc. is able to work closely with the Architect, General Contractor and the Project Owner at all points of construction.  Our skilled Estimators and Project Managers can assist with the design build process to provide the best products at a reasonable price.


Value Engineering:

Value Engineering: can be defined as an organized approach to the identification and elimintaion of unnecessary cost.

Over 50% of the jobs we do at Turnkey Interiors Inc. have been Value Engineered by us to some extent at the request of the General contractor, or Owner. Our team can save time and money on projects by simplifying designs, and by providing Equal or better products at a lower cost. Our goal is simple, we want our clients to feel confident that they receive the very best value when looking at their completed projects.


Turnkey's Door Shop:

At Turnkey Interiors Inc. we are firmly rooted in a finish carpentry background. When we entered the industy we were just installing product. Most of the time the General Contractor would have to micro manage the installers as well as the material and it never seemed very smooth to say the least.  Those days are long in the past.  With our in house doorshop we can buy it, build it, deliver it and install it. This not only helps keep the project on schedule but also frees up the General Contractor's managing team.


Project Management:

We understand a General Contractors prorities. Most importantly we need to finish projects on-time and on-budget. That is why our experienced Project Managers work closely with our clients to help coordinate their entire Division 6, 8 & 10 packages. We view communication and coordination critically since we are generally involved very early in the project when hollow metal frames are being installed and stay engaged until the final touches are done with the installation of the projects hardware.

Our Project Managers are a valuable resource for you throughout the duration of your project.  Each Project Manager has intimate knowledge of the materials being installed. We are able to rally the resources of our manufacturing partners as well as the entire Turnkey Interiors team to keep your project on schedule. Construction projects respresent the orchestration of many individual efforts and we understand the important role we play in completing your project. Our Project Managers have the experience, talent, organizational skills, tools, and process knowledge to keep your Division 6, 8 & 10 packages on track.